CATDS Expertise Center - Ocean Salinity (CEC-OS)
Ifremer/cersat host the Centre Aval de Traitement des Données SMOS (CATDS), which is the french ground segment for the SMOS Level 3 and 4 data, developped in collaboration with CNES and the CESBIO laboratory. It is in charge of:
  • Producing, disseminating L3,L4 products (from L1B products from the ESA Data Processing Ground Segment) with the capability to reprocess the data
  • Improving and validating algorithms from L0 to L2 processing. Once validated, these algorithms will be proposed for a transfer to DPGS.
  • Providing services (hot line support) to L3/L4 users
  • Developing, testing and validating algorithms for L3 and L4 in close co-operation with the scientific community
  • Possibly helping to fine tune the calibration of SMOS algorithms.
CATDS processes simultaneously Sea Surface Salinity and Soil Moisture products in order to better process data in the coastal zones and evolving sea/ice area.In order to meet these goals, CATDS is split into two main types of components:
  • C-PDC (production and Dissemination Centre), which will routinely produce and disseminate L3 and L4 data from L1B and auxilliary data. The C-PDC is in CERSAT.
  • C-EC (Expertise Centers), which host the colocated algorithms definition and processors development, which assess the quality of the products and will provide specific information to users. There are two C-EC. One C-EC is dedicated to Soil Moisture (CEC-SM) and is host by the CESBIO laboratory, in Toulouse. The other is dedicated to the Surface Salinity and is settled in IFREMER/BREST.
In this context, our team is in charge of the CATDS Salinity Expertise center (C-ECOS).  This center is piloted and developed in collaboration with several  national partners, in particular with our collegues from LOCEAN and LEGOS laboratories. The prototype Level 3 and 4 algorithms that are tested in the C-ECOS and which will be selected by the CATDS scientific pilot commitee as the one producing the best quality for SSS products will then be turned into operational processing chains by the french companies CAP-GEMINI and ACRI-ST.