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AGU Fall Meeting 2016 - Ocean salinity, water cycle variability and science results from satellite measurements

posted Jun 30, 2016, 12:02 AM by Salinity CERSAT   [ updated Jun 30, 2016, 12:12 AM ]
Dear Colleagues,

We call to your attention the upcoming session at the AGU Fall Meeting 2016 - "Ocean salinity, water cycle variability and science results from satellite measurements", Dec 12-16, 2016, San Francisco, California USA. The deadline for abstract submissions is Wednesday August 3, 2016.

We invite abstract submissions to the session, and please feel free to redistribute this announcement.

Session title:
Ocean salinity, water cycle variability and science results from satellite measurements (Session ID#: OS021/14142)

Session Description:
This session highlights research investigating ocean salinity, an Essential Climate Variable (ECV), as a key parameter that links various elements of the water cycle to ocean circulation dynamics and climate. Contribution s are invited on all aspects of ocean salinity investigations including analyses undertaken from in situ and satellite observations, numerical models, and data assimilation. We particularly welcome contributions that have utilised sea surface salinity (SSS) measurements from the recent pathfinder satellite missions (SMOS, Aquarius/SAC­D, and SMAP). The session will focus on: recent progress from salinity remote sensing; new process­based insights from observations collected during the SPURS field campaign; salinity­driven thermohaline circulation, upper­ocean stratification, and related ocean dynamics; links between salinity and global and regional climate variability, the water cycle as well as the fingerprint of long­term change; salinity assimilation into ocean models; and the scientific imperative for future salinity measurement continuity and enhancement.

Index Terms:
1616 Climate variability [GLOBAL CHANGE]
1655 Water cycles [GLOBAL CHANGE]
4215 Climate and interannual variability [OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL]
4255 Numerical modeling [OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL]

A - Atmospheric Sciences
C - Cryosphere
GC - Global Environmental Change

Instructions and abstract submissions can be found at:

Early Abstract Submission Deadline is 27 Jul
Final abstract submission deadline  is 3 August.

We hope to see you in San Francisco in December 2016!

Best regards,

Paul Durack, Tong Lee, Kyla Drushka and Nicolas Reul